New Fresh Start

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"Sometimes, we need to push our limits too much so that we can get to know our-self out there.
 Living in comfort zone cost you nothing but unsuccessful, boring life."
Noura R. Winchester.

Last week, I been through something that I never expected to do it in my whole life. Seriously nope! I don't know why I say yes to her, just to accompany her to do that hiking thing even it's not my things. Well, it's not really my things. I felt uneasy when I need to think about it at first. Felt so miserable because I prepared nothing. I have no money to buy things that I gonna need it up there. And, she knew that too. Of course she lend me some money to buy things, which is I hate it because it's make me look like loser without job. But, I have to bear with it. Because, she's kind to me.

Then, 27th August 2015. Everything started to get confused. I'm was worried, empty, blur, and nervous. How come I agreed to do this stupid things without any preparation! So stupid I am! But, I'm just kept it silent and swallowed my fear. We ride bus to go there. To meet her, the tallest mountain in this Peninsular of Malaysia.

On 28th August 2015, I met everyone. Meaning, hikers. They are all experienced. And that's make me felt so down. We packed all wrong. Shoes, things, sleeping bags. Everything. So, that's made me felt more down. Then, we started our first trekking. As I took my first step, I felt everything. Vulnerable at some point that I really wanna protect myself from outsider. I'm gasping for air. I'm the most slower person on that team. And that even made me more down. I'm lost hope, shame on myself. Yes, really am. That moment, I felt so angry at her. I meant, she asked me to accompany her but leave me behind. On second thought, I felt it's too stupid to think that way. Everyone have their own agenda and pace. So, why should I mad at her? So, I ignored my feeling and just tried to focus on next camp. All night, I felt really down and useless. I really want to go home because I can't stand embarrassed myself.

On 29th August 2015, I can't go back. They all want to go to the top so I'm just follow them with my slow pace and short breaths. It's so hard to catch them up. But, they all helping me out. Giving me moral support and helps me when I'm felt so stupid and down. They and this trip made me forget that I'm dealing with Major D fiercely. After awhile, I made new friends and they really kind. They give me some good tips about hiking and things. I love it. 

On 30th August 2015, we made a very toughest and longest walk to the top. And we made it. Alhamdulillah! Congratulation, guys! We made it! I never thought that I can conquered Tahan's Mountain for the rest of my life! 

So, this give me a lots to remember. I love the smell of forest, the sound of birds, the taste of river. I gonna miss Tahan very much. And, to her, thanks for everything. I knew that she done this only to made me recover from Major D and I'm really appreciated it! Friends forever!

Next year, InsyaAllah, Mount Kinabalu, we're coming!

Celebration for Independent Day at the top of Tahan's Mountain.
28th August 2015 - 1st September 2015
The Memorable Moment in My Life

p/s: I'm accidentally proved to myself that I am more than what I am thinking of me. I never thoughts I could do this even this is the first hiking I have done in my whole life. Yeah, hiking this Tahan can be a good start for my next new hobby. Love the nature as well. 

Just. Don't give up. You never know your abilities until you've been on your worst situation.