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'For every soul, lies dream and faith. Just don't brake it.' 
Noura R. Winchester

Things get harder as I expect. I'm not even know where should I started. I'm drowned, not able to control it. I know that I can't let it control my life. So, wish me luck to fight it. Because I need my life back. 

Ya Allah, 
Aku memohon kepada-Mu, agar beriklah aku kesempatan untuk berjumpa dengan Ramadan lagi. Berikanlah aku kesempatan untuk bertunduk penuh penghayatan dan kerendahan hati kepada-Mu. Aku mohon agar Kau kuatkanlah semangat dan imanku. Berikanlah aku kekuatan semangat dan pegangan untuk aku hadapai hidup ini dengan lebih bermakna dan bermanfaat di jalan-Mu.

p/s: Doakanlah aku.

Selamat Tinggal

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Jangan pernah sesaliJangan pernah tangisiSemuanya yang pernah terjadi
Bila langkah terhentiItu bukan berartiHidupmu sampai disini
Menangislah ohh tersenyumlah
Mawar pasti berduriDan juga hidup iniPenuh kejutan yang tak pasti
Anggap ini sebagaiSebuah pelajaran hatiYang bisa kuatkan diri
Menangislah owhhhh tersenyumlahJangan kau berhentiMelangkahlah ohhh berlarilah
Selamat tinggal masa laluSelamat datang lembar baruSelamat tinggal cinta laluSelamat datang cinta baruSelamat tinggal selamat tinggal
Melangkahlah ohhh berlarilah
Selamat tinggal masa laluSelamat datang lembar baruSelamat tinggal cinta laluSelamat datang cinta baruSelamat tinggal masa laluSelamat datang lembar baruSelamat tinggal selamat tinggal
Jangan pernah sesaliJangan pernah tangisi  Semua yang pernah terjadi.

Song Title: Selamat Tinggal Singer      : Andra and The Backbone

I do love this song very much. It's give me hope and faith that everything gonna be just fine and we all need to relax, follow the flow. This song made me realize that no matter hard or bad our life is, still there are something good waiting for us soon. 
I'm letting go of something... something that I thought may made my life on track and sane. Something that may made my days just being normal without people asking what actually I am doing with my life. Something that is a concrete answer for normal yet sensitive question for me. Nobody want to live in stress and hypertension surrounding. Nobody. So, I decided to let it go, and look for what exactly I want to do in my life. Yeah, doing that is might not easy, letting go of your safety belt for all aspect that can guarantee your life is comfort for many years. 
But, then. I quit. I quit telling myself that I can survive through it. Because, how much I do it, I'm still at the same point. Sad, unappreciated, stress, angry, and empty. So, I stop looked at it. And try to look another things that I want to achieve. Yet, with Major D, it is not easy as ABC. And, I'm still fight it. Still.
Struggling to live is not something easy to do. But, we really don't want end up someday and regret because we never try to achieve our dream, isn't it? 
Life is full of challenges. Neither we can see the challenges or not. Everyone have their own story and opinion. Don't hate them because of that. Why? Because we just barely know them from other stories but not what they have been through. Don't judge people because you are not Allah s.w.t.

p/s: Still struggle for live. But I don't know if I can keep my dream or not. Drowned.