"TRUST... It's takes years to built, but just seconds to break."

Just for them...

Break the trust is simply easy.
Breaking heart who is love you too much. 
Breaking trust who put belief in you too much.
Breaking dreams who is include you too much. 

Just enough.
Heart is pain enough to feel.
Mind is ache enough to think.
Mouth is speechless enough to speak.
Eye is hurt enough to see.
Ear is tired enough to listen.

Be free, Aurora.
Be free.
Do what you want to do.
Eat what you want to eat.
Laugh when you want to laugh.
Sleep when you want to sleep.

Betrayal is tired to feel.
Betrayal is hurt to hold.

"Just be free from this invisible cage.
To them, you own explanation.
But then, it's useless.
To admit his fault is coward enough.
For him, to give explanation is impossible enough.

For her, life is not always on top.
If you believe in karma, well you should.
All the pain you gave to me, forgiveness is the best medicine.
Forgiveness and a promise.
Protect him and his family with your life.
Then, forgiveness will be valid."

Enough, Aurora.
Be free.
You should fly high.
Birds and stars are waiting for you.

Title: Be free, Aurora.

p/s: Too much broken English. Just ignore it. 

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