My Wedding's Event

To my new life to-be-soon

Assalamualaikum and Aloha!

It's been awhile since I wrote entry for past few months. Actually I'm kinda exhausted and busy with my workload. Yeah, from September till now, I need to struggle and make sure that my project is success. Either workload and my personal life activities, yeah, them good enough to make me a busy person. Well, life is short and we only has one chance to make it worth to live.

Ok, enough chit chat about that. Focused on title that I wrote up there.

Tadaaa.... Nice, is it? 
Fresh roses from my future hubby. 
Simple, but so beautiful. 
A bouquet of flower have a deep meaning. 
Used to have one from him on my graduation day last year.
Still, it was sweet memory ever.

Ok, take a deep look on this picture.

Happy Wedding Day, Chick and Paan :)
It's Chick and her husband, Paan. This picture was took during Chick's akad nikah. What a lovely and nice dress. Yeah, I'm gonna have one during my big day soon. Actually Chick and Paan were my USM mate. But we're different course. As you can see there, Henry FitZroy was there too. With Salam, Izwan, the Ally Iskandar's clone, and YB. Henry FitZroy is working at Pasir Gudang, Johor. Salam in Dato Keramat and YB is on holiday from his ph.D. Izwan... well, I'm not quite sure. So, because of Chick's wedding, we decided to make reunion for our geng... [It's another geng. Not GBS'S geng] -Don't worry, GBS, I still love you, guys! You guys rock!

Chick and Paan bersanding

Yeah, we're having fun on last saturday. YB ate lots of nasi minyak and desert. Hahahahaha. While me, Salam, Henry FitZroy and Izwan just laughed when watching him ate non-stop. Macam bapak budak dah tu.

Speach to Chick:
Anyway Chick and Paan, Selamat Pengantin Baru buat korang ya. Thanks sebab sudi jemput aku ke majlis korang. Pape pon, nanti boleh reunion sekali lagi sambil bawa anak sulung masing-masing, ya. Hahahahha


My dear Zaf and her husband, Mail.

Guys, let me introduce you to my dear close friend at Pimpin siswa, Zaf. Well, majlis ni di Pedas, Nogori. So, I asked my friends to accompany me to Zaf's wedding. It's kinda excited when we're attending our close friends wedding. Felt touched, sad, happy... All feeling are mixed in same time. Anyway, I didn't have chance to take picture with her because I already promised to my dear Chemoh that I gonna hangout with her on the same day. 

Speach to Zaf:
Zaf, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga ko bahagia ke anak cucu. Doakan aku, ya. Nanti wedding aku, jangan pulak ko tak datang. Thanks sebab sudi jemput aku sejak bulan 10 hari tu. Excitednya nak pergi sampai awal sampai ke majlis ko. Hahahahah.

Ok, sampai sini saja my newest update. Gotta go. Need to update my project to G.M. Hohoho.

p/s: Dear friends, I so glad that korang dah selamat and gembira. Jangan lupakan aku, ya. Dan doakanlah untuk aku juga. Moga-moga semuanya rahmat dan selamat. Amin. Aku tumpang bahagia,

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