Fun with My GBS

Hola, and here's the thing. I loved my GBS so much. I never expected that they actually came here, just to give me moral and positive support. Love them so much (although Rara is not here- so, we're not complete-)

Thanks Kak Long kawasan :)

Here we are! On our flirting-fun-happy time. Hohohoho. Ok, Rara is not here, so we're kinda sad. Korum tak cukup. And miss Rara coolness so much. Hahahah.

First, Ziha came to pick me up at my home. Then, we're heading to Kelana Jaya, picked up Fyza at LRT Kelana Jaya. Finally, we're heading to Shah Alam, picked up Momoi. So much time and money been wasted at tol, but never mind. We wanna hangout, so chill up.

The Conjuring- It's moi's idea, not mine!

Watched movies with gegirls. So much fun seen Fyza and Ziha shouted manically (kahkahkahkahkah). 
And I can see the evil's smile of Momoi!!! Hahahahha

Right after movie. Happy face with innocent smile.

My GBS <3 td="">

My Deary GBS,
        Thanks for everything. We have our times together, through thick and thin. I love you all so much. And I miss you all so much. Really wanna hangout just we used to. Thanks to Allah, because HIM, we met, we close, we laugh, we cry, we do crazy things. Memories. And I will always remember you, girls. You all I got. Love you all so much.

p/s: Love them lah!

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