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Susah senang kita bersama. Thanks Google  :)

Well, I always hope that I can find my Edward Cullen
 just like Bella found her's.
 But then, I realize.
 I already found my Edward Cullen himself. 
Edward Cullen that always make me feel safe, love 
and the most important thing is
 He is never be Stefan Salvatore, 
he is my deary Edward Cullen. 
Almost 3 years been together,
 I just found out. 
Thanks, my Edward Cullen. 
And I know that our Twilight not over yet. 
 It's just begin. ♥
December, 2nd, 2012

p/s: No need to find perfect man like Edward Cullen. Well, actually you already did. 

Thanks for read.  :)            

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