Must Go On

This post, dedicated to my friend, Prince Zen.

Thanks Google!

Prince Zen, 
things get harder and harder in thing that we called 'relationship'. People can change even though we know them for a long time. It's HUMAN that we're talked about. People change. Either the love that they had for us. Take it or leave it, Prince Zen. 

It's something that really abstract and subjective to describe  As long as we had that feel, it's mean  we're love them. But, how much the love that we had for them? Million? Thousand? Naah, I know that you don't have the answer, right?

For me, if you're fall in love with somebody, you will stick with them until the love gone. If she/he really love you, she/he wont even try to hurt you, or try to look someone else to replace you. It's not your fault thing happens like this, it's mean time between you and her/him is already come to the end. It's mean that you and her/him are not share the same love any more.

Break up.
Everybody go through it, Prince Zen. It's doesn't matter how much do you love her/him. She/He wont think about what you felt, how much you hurt. Nope. She/He wont think about it because she/he is not that lucky person to have your love. She/He is the most unlucky people in this universe. She/He don't know that your love is too precious in her/his life. Believe me, she/he will regret it.  

Wake up.
Just wake up, Pince Zen. Step out from your pain. And try to open your heart widely to the world. This world is too interesting to insist. There are people, waiting for your to give the love.  Don't show you pain in front of her/him. Keep them inside. Someone told me that, the most sweet revenge is to show your happiness in front of people who hurt you, telling that how lucky you are after break up with her/him. Telling them that break up is the best thing ever to do when you're with her/him. Then, they will crawling back to you. asking your forgiveness. But, if you're clever, just forgive her/him. Because a forgiving person is the most nobleman in the world. Then, think! Either you want to give second chance to her/him or not, it's up to you. You know her/him close more than I do, anyway. Just make the best decision that you wont regret for the rest of your life. 

Like Ivan Panin said, 

For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it. 
For every truth, there is an ear somewhere to hear it. 
For every love, there is a heart somewhere to receive it.

p/s: If you're feel sad, at least please look at your parent's face. Look at their smile and think about their sacrifice to raise you. Touch, right? So, who is she/he, trying messing up your life?

Thanks for read.  :)