Fit In

Thanks, T.

"There are ups and downs in life 
that you have to adjust yourself to fit in.
But, it's doesn't matter who you are,
You are yourself,
Nothing can change it,
Why are you trying so hard to fit in, 
when you are born to stand out?

Try so hard to fit in, but it's useless when that place, is not yours. No matter how hard you try to fit in, you will fail and look stupid in their eyes. So, STOP. Look around you and find a place which is accept you when you try to fit in or welcome you just the way you are. No need to fit in desperately. Just be who you are. That simple.

p/s: No need to be somebody. Just be who you are. There are people, somewhere, who really want to be you. Because you are worth it.

Thanks for read.  :)