The life's Value

thanks, G 
"Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies."

Life is too short to waste. Sometimes, we never aware that our lives already come to the end. Then, we regret because we never used time that we had to create a wonderful memories, just to remember life that we had before. Regretful. Then what? Wish and pray to Allah so that Allah give you another life or chance to re-create memories back? Oh, No. Allah already fair enough to give you everything that you want in this life. Allah give what you need, not what you want. Sometimes, we never know things that we want is actually bad for us. We never know that until we experienced it by ourselves. 

Allah knows everything, so Allah give us what we need. So that we wont regret ourselves because something that we have done in our lives. Making some mistakes for example. We need to do mistakes in our lives so that we know how to appreciate the life's value. Making mistake is normal because it's a process to live and learn but repeating the same mistake is something that really awful. It's like you don't want to live any more. Someone said that: 

"It's never wrong for you to chase your own dream because we only have one life. So, chase them as fast as you can so that you never grow old, regret of what have you done in your past." 

p/s: Like I said, life is too short. We can never live in past because we can't. Unless there are time machine-which is very impossible- Start to appreciate your life already, so that you can create your own dream that you will never ever regret. 

Thanks for read.  :)