A Perfect Day to Rest

I wish all my friends (who is Christian) a Merry Christmas! Hope you guys enjoying the day with family and having fun together. Thanks to Allah, Malaysia is such wonderful country. The Malaysian people seem to respect the celebration although they has differences in religion, belief and cultural. And lucky to be a Malaysian because they give one day off as celebration to worker. A day to rest. A day to relax. Yeah, I'm not Christian, I am a Muslim. But I got one day off to clear my mind and relax my body. Malaysia is such great country. No matter what religion you are, days of celebrating your belief as Christmas, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or even Deepavali always will be taken as public holiday for all. Isn't  nice to stay here? And for your information, Malaysia is the most sporting country in the whole world because it has many celebration to celebrate. And also the most often days taken as public holiday in a year. So awesome!

So, A Merry Christmas to my dear Becky and also my dear Jan Shen. I hope you guys enjoying the day with joy and fun. And I love you all! Can’t wait to hang out with you, guys!!!

p/s: Be a Malaysian doesn't mean you don’t respect your own religion. It teach you to respect other belief and religion also cultural as well. It helps you to understand more about your own self, your own religion and your own surrounding. With differences, we can live in harmony as one to another if we ready to accept other opinion. [And ignore the grammatical error] -Credits to Google and Tumblr for pics-

Thanks for read. :)