Is the best way to do,
Whatever you do,
Even it’s hurt me a lot...
I just wanna remain in silent,
Because my heart already frozen,
My tears already dried,
My sorrow already burned,
My soul already chattered,
There is nothing that I can do unless silent,
You can do whatever you want to do,
And I’m here, have no right to stop you,
You got life and glory,
Which I’m tried to fit in,
But sorry, I’m just lie,
I hope it can fit me but it won’t… forever it won’t,
I hope it can be easier but it much harder,
And yes, I do not have wished to tell u,
Because you don’t understand how it feel,
So, I admit, that I hurt, much more than you can imagine,
Because my heart and soul are fragile,
I don’t wish your appearance in my pathetic life,
Because you the one who not deserve,
 to receive  dark diaries….
You are much more honor to get happiness,
But not sadness,
All pages in my life,
Just tell you the story of sorrow,
So, I’m sorry, because all I can do is,
Just sit quietly and say nothing,
Because for me, silent is the better way to spoke …

Thanks for read. :)