Last night, i can't focus to my translating work because of headache. It's be a while for headache come to hit me out n it's really hard to face it because whatever you do, it's still there, come to haunt you until you're fell asleep. I mean, fell asleep in pain. I already tried lots of way just to make it goes but still failed.

Some tips that i already tried last night are:
-1- drink a lot of water...
-2- massage my head    
-3- close my eyes n try to sleep

And it still not succeed. Maybe it's Migraine?

What is Migraine?

(from Greek words-Hemi- means half, n kranion- means skull) is a common type of headache that may occur with symptoms like nausea (felt unease in the upper stomach) and also, headache, feel wanna vomiting),


 high sensitivity with light (photophobia)

also high sensitivity with sound (phonophobia)


so, if U out there get these symptoms, just go straight away to the doctor because Migraine is dangerous

p/s: lOvE yOuRsELF, pReVEnT iS tHe bESt tHeN cUrE

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Movie: Beastly

This is one of the best film ever. Dah lama nak tengok movie ni, ingat nak ajak Encik Hati tengok sekali tapi apakan daya, tak sempat. Masing-masing bz dengan life masing-masing. Apa pun, cerita ni memang best. Ada pengajarannya.

Jalan cerita sama sahaja macam cerita 'Beauty and the Beast' tapi yang ni ala moden sikitlah. So far, ok la cerita ni. But ada sedikit yang cliches. And barulah perasan yang Barney Stinson berlakon dalam cerita ni. Hahahaha, so funny.

"If You love someone, Just show the color in your heart. Tell her/ him that how much You love them -Don’t Be A Stranger to the one that You love most. Because, in the end of the day, You gonna regret that the words of I LOVE YOU’ never comes out from your mouth when you lose her/him."

Ni Ost Soundtrack dia: Broken Arrow by Pixie

What do you do when you're stuck, 
Because the one that you love has pushed you away, 
and you can't deal with the pain, 
and now you're trying to fix me, 
Mend what he did, 
I'll find the piece that I'm missing, 
but I still miss him, 
And you're sitting in the front row, 
Wanna be first in line, 
Giving me all your time, 
You could be my hero, 
If only I could let go, 
But his love is still in me, 
Like a broken arrow.

p/s: And, yeah. Love Is Never Ugly.

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Best pic taken by my dongsaeng and the quote I made myself.

 p/s: Life is gift for us. Don't regret it when you realize that your time almost come.

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Mistake is Beauty

Pic by tumblr and quate by myself.

p/s: Making mistake is very good because it is teacher of life. But continue making the same   
      mistake is just like you let yourself drown in the sea of no joy. So, learn from mistake and  
      don't do it again. History are not created itself if people wont do same mistake.

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